Day 6: Quartzsite to Salome, AZ

We got up around 5 this morning to get an early start and hopefully avoid some of the heat. Between morning stuff, applying sunscreen (this takes forever), hydrating, eating and procrastinating we weren’t on the road until 7.
As we were leaving our super crappy motel, we realized our neighbors were these two guys (Kevin and Joe, both doctors) we’ve been keeping pace with since San Diego. That was good for a laugh and more procrastination.

At breakfast we saw a couple ride by in touring gear. We caught up with them later when Greg was changing his second of three flats for the day. He’s riding an orange Waterford and Heidi has a yellow Gunnar. Nice bikes.

We chatted with them for a bit. Heidi mentioned there was a 50 mph gust advisory and they were going to hole up at a motel in Salome. Sounded pretty good to us as the wind was already blowing at close to 20. That’s a bit too strong of a tail wind, especially when it occasionally comes at you from the side.

There were also some menacing looking clouds moving in, and a lot dust in the air. Not a great riding day. We made our way to Salome with a few minor events along the way that I’d love to tell you about, but I’m writing this on my iPhone. Let’s just call it a 40 mile ride with about 1,000 feet of climbing. Not crazy, but one of us has a really sore Achilles’ tendon and the other has a really sore saddle area. We’re thinking about trying to get a ride to Phoenix tomorrow where we can hopefully spend a day or two recovering.

So we caught up with Heidi, Greg and Don at the bar in Salome. They started riding off and on with Don a week or so back. He’s from BC. They already finished eating but hung out and talked while we ate (me: giant plate of biscuits & gravy with 2 eggs on the side, Dave: some sort of salad with lots of protein I think. I was pretty focused on my plate in my quest to not lose an ounce of weight on this trip.)

Greg had pegged us as REI employees earlier and the day (all the Novara gear, including my now vintage jersey) and confirmed that he was right. He used to be a manager at the no-longer-there New Rochelle, NY store and we know some people in common (Dan F: “He was a pretty funny guy.” … Maybe he meant funny looking.) Small world, right? It was great meeting them and getting some tips.

Anyway, I mailed home about 15 lbs of lightweight junk that we don’t need today (adios second pair of boxers!), freeing up valuable carrying capacity for water and food.

There’s more to tell, but I’m about done with typing on this phone. Hope you enjoyed the rambling and typos. If there are pictures in this post, it might constitute a miracle. Hoping tomorrow is less windy and cranky.




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2 comments on “Day 6: Quartzsite to Salome, AZ
  1. aaron miller says:

    I should I have told you that when I sent that packing list. Underwear is not required for bike trips!

    Loving the updates. Living vicariously through you both.

    • Matt says:

      Thanks buddy.

      Optional underwear, huh? I seem to remember some one had written in aftershave on your list. 😉

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