My leg hurts

So I hurt my left leg a few days ago. The Achilles’ tendon is super sore & stiff. After a day of riding it’s been hard to walk without a limp.

Two of our tour friends happen to be doctors (ED pediatricians specifically) and one of them (Kevin) had the same thing happen a few years ago on a tour. He said 3 or 4 days off and he was better. I’m hoping it works out the same for me.

Luckily, we were somewhat near Phoenix we this happened, so we have some options. We decided that instead of burning time and money by staying in place and resting, we’ll just burn money. We’re grabbing a one way rental car and heading to El Paso. It cuts out about 500 miles if riding. We’re going to drive and camp along the route to see what we’re missing.

It’s definitely a bummer but I’m optimistic that I’ll be riding again in a few days. Of course I won’t if my ankle still hurts or it feels like my foot’s going to fall off. Fingers crossed.

PS I’ve gotten lots of good conventional advice so far… Time to get weird teh Internets!

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2 comments on “My leg hurts
  1. George says:

    Your leg is clearly asking for more Baconalia. Seriously that sucks, nothing worse than when the mind is willing but the body says wait just a second. Good luck.

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