I’m back in Texas

I think it’s been just over 35 years since we left the Houston area a month or so after I was born there. As far as I can tell, this place hasn’t changed a bit.

It’s been a good break. We got to meet John & Tina, who were super gracious in allowing us to crash and do laundry in Tucson (thanks Pixie for making this happen!) even though they’re getting ready for their wedding this weekend. We also saw the Gila National Forrest and Cliff Dwellings. Then there was lunch in Hillsboro where I had the El Gordo burger and a fantastic slice of bumble berry (???) pie. And don’t get me started on the affordable motels.

Getting ready to ride again. My Achilles’ tendon seems to be back in working order, albeit a little stiff. I appreciate all the suggestions and concern… Everyone’s been very supportive. I’ve dropped my saddle, moved my cleats back a little and resolved to spin more and mash the pedals less. No more up hills in the big ring. I’m reminded of what my friend Brian used to say on long rides & tours, “It’s not a race.” And (more often), “It’s not a race, George.” Not like I was riding that fast anyway.

Anyway, I’m hoping we get to keep riding. Dave’s been sick the past few days but seems to be recovering as well. We’re planning on a short day. I’m optimistic.

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