We could have a good life here

I’ve been saying that at every moderately comfortable stop on this trip, especially if there’s good food to be had.

Today we left El Paso intending to do a very short day (30 miles tops) just to see how we both felt. Turns out we feel pretty good, the riding was super easy and West Texas is super empty so we did 50 miles and made it into Fort Hancock.

The ride was fairly uneventful. Got chased by a couple of dogs, met a couple also on their way to Florida (www.crazyguyonabike.com/doc/PBJB2013ST), and saw lots of pecan orchards.

Fort Hancock is tiny, but it has everything. We split a pizza for a late lunch. I scoped out a diner for a late dinner and possible breakfast. There’s a well stocked store at the Shell station and a not so well stocked store across the street.

Chipotle Texas (www.chipotletexas.com) is here as well. It’s just a warehouse (that smells amazing) with a small showroom area. I walked in smelling like death and the dude working there was kind enough to give me free samples of smoked garlic powder and fiesta chipotle powder. Great contributions to my mobile spice rack (also contains red pepper flakes and salt & pepper) Safe to say I’ve discovered the source for my future chipotle needs.

So yeah, we could have a nice life here. Especially if that diner has pie.

We’re about to enter some of the most desolate portions of this trip with 3 sections of empty desert, one 90 miles long and the other two about 50 miles each. It’s going to raise some logistical issues as far as carrying enough water, but the terrain doesn’t look super challenging. I doubt we’ll have much Internet access over the next few days, but I’m hoping voice & text hangs in there.






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2 comments on “We could have a good life here
  1. Jenny B says:

    Inspiring Matt!

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