Catching Up, part 1

Written the evening of 4/19

So after Fort Hancock we had a couple of short days. First to Sierra Blanca and then to Van Horn. Nothing super exciting to report. We talked to some friendly Texas State Troopers (“Call us if you need us!”), rode some really nice frontage roads, etc.

Today we left Van Horn around 11, stopping at the post office so I could mail some post cards. More deserted frontage roads paralleling I-10 and about 17 miles of riding on I-10.


The major highway riding is getting old for me. It’s nice that the road doesn’t do a lot of rolling up & down like the frontage roads can, but the traffic is unnerving. Trucks move a lot of air. They also like to beep hello, which isn’t bad unless the do it right behind me. Yikes. Bikers also like to say hi.

We finished with I-10 at Kent. I’m guessing there was a town there at one point since we saw an abandoned school and a store. There wasn’t much else.


We headed south on 118 directly away from the sweet Internet access along the interstate and started climbing towards Macdonald Observatory. We stopped about 30 miles shy because there’s more climbing (up to 6,800 or something close) and I’m nervous about overtaxing my leg.

So we’re camped on the side of the road. No one seems to care: not the 3 cars that have gone by in as many hours and certainly not the cattle on the other side of the barbed wire. It’s really quiet here, but the birds just started chirping (8:30ish).


I found another Warm Showers host, John, at the observatory. He responded a few hours after I messages him earlier this week, saying that if he wasn’t home to “let ourselves in to use the facilities.” Awesome. Based on his reviews on the site, it sounds like he works there, so we’re hoping to see something star related that night.

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6 comments on “Catching Up, part 1
  1. Yani says:

    pictures are beautiful, thank you for letting us travel with you.

  2. Jenny B says:

    Awesome! Those pics of the abandoned school are great!

  3. Carol Egger says:

    Laila received her post card today, 4/22. The picture made her laugh. Keep well.

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