Headwinds, Canned Food Depression, The Beginning Of The Return Of The Humidity

Finishing up a rest day in Camp Wood, TX. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

We left Alpine early in some serious cold. I don’t think it went over 55 that day. There was also an intense headwind that persisted over the following 4 days. A lot of it looked like this:



Very grim, windy and lots of rolling hills. Also a lot of these towns didn’t really have grocery stores or restaurants. 3 days of canned food was pretty demoralizing. Here’s Dave enjoying some fish on the side of Texas 90:

Stayed in a well appointed cyclist only trailer in Langtry:





We got to town too late to get food anywhere, but fortunately, the trailer was stocked with canned soup and cheesy noodles. Blah. Good sunset at least:


Texas 90 sees all the oversized loads no one wants on I-10. Tons of large stuff going down the road.



We skipped Del Rio, stopping long enough to eat and reload on water and stayed outside of Bracketville in Fort Clark Springs, a gated community on 2,700 acres. In addition to regular homes there’s a golf course, rv park, tent camping, bike & hiking trails and the 2nd largest pool in Texas.

Everyone was super hospitable. It was $12 for primitive camping (flush toilet and drinking water only), but the woman registering us, Shirley, let us use some showers normally only available to the RV folks. And then she ran across the street to her place to grab some laundry detergent for us to use at their laundromat. If I could adopt her as a third grandma, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

After that, it was on to Camp Wood. Long empty chip seal roads. Finally a slight tailwind and the last 20 miles almost flew by.

Mark, Rachel and Elizabeth (not pictured) caught up with us here today.


We ran into them in Del Rio a few days ago. Mark is retiring from the Army after 30 years of service. He and Rachel are riding the Southern Tier and Elizabeth is driving their support vehicle. They offered a ride to a BBQ place (Nueces Country Smokehouse) just outside of town.

Here’s Blake showing off the pig ear smoking operation.

Dinner was fantastic. Dave and I split an entire chicken. Great to sit down and exchange stories with a tight family on an adventure. Here’s Rachel’s blog.

Anyway, more to say, but I’m beat. Made a lot of calls using Skype over the motel wifi from Verizon-less West Texas. Skype is awesome, by the way.. Prolly on the phone for at least 2 hours today and it might’ve cost me $2-$3.

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